Miracell® which operates on the RBC principle has many advantages to other package wastewater systems based on the activated sludge principle. In package wastewater systems which are based on the conventional activated sludge principle, a constant flow of air needs to be a pumped through aerators by blowers in order to stimulate bacterial growth whereas in the Miracell® System, the bacteria are able to receive the necessary air naturally through the atmosphere. Thanks to this basic difference in the operating principle and due to the fact that the system only requires a small motor to drive it, Miracell® operates silently while consuming much less energy than its competitors.

Miracell® eliminates the problem of foam formation arising from high turbulence and/or bubbling due to the aeration process, which is especially encountered in wastewater that contain dissolving substances.

Miracell® system is also much more resistant to unexpected circumstances such as short or long-term power interruptions, shock organic loading and sudden increases or decreases in the incoming water flow-rate.

Miracell® systems are fabricated from fiber reinforced polyester which eliminates any concerns for deterioration from the corrosive effects of alkali maters in the system and the wear-down effect of harsh environmental conditions including Ultraviolet rays. Periodic painting and maintenance which are common concerns for systems manufactured from steel are not applicable for the Miracell® The discs in the system are also made of corrosion-proof polyethylene which is a preferred material in the chemical industry for storage of harsh chemicals. 

Together, these advantages combine to make Miracell® a virtually indestructible treatment plant with little or no maintenance problems.

One of the most important features of the Miracell® System which is not available in any other package wastewater treatment alternative is the ability to increase the capacity of the current system by simply adding disks or 10, 100 or 250 people equivalent modular compartments. Additional capacity increase can also be achieved by usage of the optional frequency converter that can increase the speed of rotation of the disks which results in increased aeration.

Thanks to its modular design, Miracell® is the only package wastewater system which has the ability to lower its capacity in times of lower flow rates via bypassing unused compartments and routing the wastewater to the last modular unit in order to conserve valuable energy. Because of its modularity, Miracell® can also be easily transported in the event the operation is relocated.

The treated water which is discharged from Miracell® is guaranteed for even the most stringent international discharge standards and may either be used as irrigation water or directly discharged into a lake, pond, sea or the sewage system.

MIRACELL® Wastewater Treatment Systems were chosen by many reputable companies;
Because Miracell® only requires a small motor with a reduction gear
  • It consumes much less power
  • It operates silently

  • Because Miracell® operates on the principles of RBC
  • It operates more efficiently
  • It occupies much less space
  • It requires much less maintenance
  • It offers a very high level of nitrification

  • Because Miracell® is modular
  • It can be easily transported
  • Its capacity can be easily increased
  • It can also be operated at less than maximum capacity
  • When operated with Live Bacteria Culture
  • The discharged water could be used for irrigation with very little chlorination
  • Less sludge will have to be discharged
  • The discharged sludge could be used as fertilizer
  • The Start-up period is much shorter
  • Odor and mosquito problems will be negligible
  • Wastewater treatment will be more efficient
  • Nitrification is further increased
  • Treatment in a wider range of pH and temperature could be sustained.