IFAT 2018 Miranda took part at IFAT 2018, which took place in Munich, GERMANY betweenthe 14th of May and 18th of May, 2018.

    Miami Water Expo 2017 Miranda took part at the Miami Water Expo 2017

    SWEF 2017 We took part at the SWEF 2017 exhibition in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    IFAT 2016 Miranda took part at IFAT 2016, world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, which took place in Munich, Germany from 30th May to 3rd June, 2016. 

    WEFTEC 2015 We took part at the WEFTEC 2015 exhibition. Photo

    Expo 2016 Antalya ’History, Bio-Diversity, Sustainability and Green Cities make up the four subthemes of EXPO 2016 Antalya.EXPO 2016 Antalya, which hosted national and international congresses, panels, meetings and seminars were held, were also provided cultural and artistic activities for its guests.EXPO 2016 Antalya was held on a 112-hectare exhibit site in Aksu.

    We took part at the Algiers Batimatec Construction Technology exhibition We took part at the Algiers Batimatec Construction Technology exhibition PHOTO

    We took part at the IFAT Eurasia 2015 Exhibition. We took part at the ANFAŞ Hotel Equipment Exhibition.

    Miranda treats ASKİ Dempa Industrial Estate’s wastewater Ankara Water and Sewage Directorate, Dempa Industrial Estate contributes to the environment by choosing Miranda to treat it’s wastewater.   Photo-1 Photo-2

    Technopark Istanbul choose Miranda Miranda as one of the technology leaders in water re-cycling sector was chosen by Istanbul Teknopark to preserve the green areas in its large campus which is destined to house Turkey’s premier high-tech companies. With an indoor area of 1,000,000 m2 Teknopark-Istanbul is one of the largest research and technology nesting centers in Europe and the World, targeting to achieve 10 billion dollars of gross revenue from the establishment of 1000 local and foreign companies. It is one of the most prestigious projects of Turkey, which includes important organizations such as the Undersecretariat of Defence Industries and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce among its partners. Miranda is proud to be selected as a contributor in a project of such magnitude...   Teknopark İstanbul

    We were present at the ANFAŞ Hotel Equipment Exhibition. We were present  at the ANFAŞ Hotel Equipment Exhibition held in Antalya, between 21-24 January 2015.

    Miranda Inc. Took Part In A Prestigious Water And Environment Review Called Global Water Intelligence Recognized as an authority amongst the International Water Industry "Global Water Intelligence" review hosted Miranda Inc. in November, 2013's edition.    For details : http://www.globalwaterintel.com/archive/14/11/general/skion-moves-gear-fifth-water-stake.html

    MIRANDA WAS CHOSEN FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT OF 20,000 PEOPLE AVROCITY PROJECT IN DOHUK, IRAQ A suburban project named “Avro City” in Northern Iraq is emerging within the city of Dohuk. It comprises 3.800 residences, shopping center, five-star hotel office tower, and social complexes which is to be populated by 20 thousand people. After a careful study and research, Miranda was established as the supplier of the Wastewater Treatment Plant with a capacity of 2400 m3/day and to treat the wastewater of the project for safe discharge. Thanks to Miranda’s technology, the water discharged from the community is hygienic and contributes to the living standards of a modern project at the same time.

    MIRANDA COMPLETED THE DELIVERY AND START-UP OF THE PRESTIGIOUS ECZACIBASI ORMANADA PROJECT’S WASTE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM. Eczacıbası Ormanada project in Zekeriyakoy Istanbul is a prestigious project where 273 villa and residences are situated on a 220,000 sq. meter green countryside land. Miranda’s biodisk based Waste Water Treatment Systems were selected to be awarded with a contract after years of careful review. The irrigation of 44,000 m2 of plush greenland will be based on recycling the wastewater received from the residences by utilizing Miranda’s systems which also serve in other parts of the world. After passing the treated water from the integrated Ultrafiltration,  100% hygienic water is obtained and utilized as irrigation water in this highly environmentally conscious project. Miranda successfully completed the delivery, installation and startup of its Miracell Wastewater Treatment System in Eczacibasi Ormanda. 

    MIRANDA DELIVERED GUNEY RESIDENCES-ZEKERIYAKOY, ISTANBUL WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT Miranda, delivered its Miracell Waste Water Treatment System and its integrated ultrafiltration component to Guney Residence Zekeriyakoy project which is made up of 64 villas.  The system treats the wastewater received from the villas and following the ultrafiltration module, a 100% hygienic irrigation water is provided to irrigate the green areas of the site. By recycling the waste water, residents are able to achieve significant amount of savings.

    USAK UNIVERSITY CAMPUS WASTE WATER TREATMENT NEEDS ARE PROVIDED BY MIRANDA’S TREATMENT PLANT. Following a careful evaluation by the project contractor Aruklar Construction, Miranda was selected for the 300 m3/day waste water treatment needs of Usak University’s main campus. Within the project requirements, Miranda successfully completed the manufacturing, installation and start up of its superior quality biodisk systems. The system easily satisfied the discharge norms.

    SPECIAL PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION OF MALATYA UTILIZES MIRANDA WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTS FOR THE 2400 PEOPLE POPULATION OF OZAL VILLAGE Main contractor for the project, Mutlu Çolakoğlu Construction choose Miranda’s Miracell model Wastewater Treatment Plants to be utilized in this first of a kind application where Miracell System receives its energy from Solar Panels. The 360 m3/day application set an important reference to Special Provincial Administrations in all areas of Turkey and countries in the region  to operate village waste water treatment plants for safe discharge and without the monthly costs of electricity bills to villages.

    MARMARIS SARDUNYA RESTAURANT MARMARIS SARDUNYA RESTAURANT sets an example by treating their wastewater with a superior Miracell system to preserve the beauty of Selimiye Bay to have the future generations enjoy it, as well.

    ANKARA ÇEVREGÖL PARLIAMENT RESIDENCES ANKARA ÇEVREGÖL PARLIAMENT RESIDENCES preferred  Miracell systems to water their lawns with the treated wastewater. Miranda's compact treatment system operates to serve the objective of Çevregöl Parliament Residences to contribute to the environment.

    ADAPARK VILLAS ADAPARK VILLAS in Bodrum utilizes Miracell and R/Ocell systems as a solution to treat their water and wastewater. Miranda's R/Ocell system desalinates the sea water to turn it into a water for daily use. Miracell system on the, other hand, provides hygienically safe irrigation water for the lawns by treating the wastewater of the villas.

    TEPE CONSTRUCTION TEPE CONSTRUCTION preferred Miracell systems to treat the wastewater of SPORTS INTERNATIONAL facilities. The treated wastewater is used to water the lawns of the facility.

    SİNPAŞ GYO SINPAŞ GYO A.Ş. elected to use Miranda Wastewater Treatment Plants for their Trilye Marin Club Project. Our Miracell 100 Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant serves the facility by handling the wastewater produced at a capacity of 100 m³/day

    MASS HOUSING DEPARTMENT ( TOKI ) Miranda completed the delivery and installation of the Rize Hamidiye Hospital treatment plant  for the MASS HOUSING DEPARTMENT ( TOKI )in less than 45 days.

    ALKE GROUP Miranda was selected by a subsidiary of ALKE GROUP as the prime contractor to provide R/O systems for the first mobile hospital systems to be built in Turkey. Systems final installation point is in a UNITED NATIONS operated hospital in Nigeria and has a service capacity of 24 tons per day. For redundancy purposes there are 2 systems installed.

    GAMA POWER SYSTEMS One of the most respected contractor companies of the World, GAMA POWER SYSTEMS, decided to employ the services of Miranda A.S in treating the wastes arising from its labor camps which was in operation during the construction of a 325 km pipeline from Mudawarra to Amman. Their belief that systems built from composites would service much better in the desert environment was one of the main reasons Gama preferred Miranda’ s systems as opposed to steel systems offered by the competition.

    MINISTRY OF INTERIOR OF KUWAIT On 24 /08/2009, MINISTRY OF INTERIOR OF KUWAIT selected Miranda as her designated contractor to provide the waste water treatment plants to service its 1,250 occupants for the new compound it built in the Capitol. The Ministry applied state of the art technologies and equipment in the construction of its new compound and saw fit to employ Miranda’s services for such a prestigious project.

    BETA-TEK CONSTRUCTION Miranda was selected among many multinational competitors to provide an 8,000 person capacity Waste Water Treatment Plant to service the Al Ghiran South İnfrastructure Works project in Tripoli, Libya. The project, which was built by BETA-TEK CONSTRUCTION company which is ranked in the top quarter of the ENR TOP 225 world wide, encompasses multitude of Residential properties, a shopping mall and a Hotel as part of this prestigious project.

    BILFER MINING GROUP BILFER MINING GROUP, selected Miracell 50 Modular Treatment Plant and Filtration Systems for use in their Iron Enrichment Facilities situated in Balıkesir, Turkey. The system treats 30 tons of waste originating from the camp personnel and recycles it for use in various applications around the facility.

    MESA SARI KONAKLAR Miranda signed a contract with the Exclusive MESA SARI KONAKLAR Residences in İstanbul on May 14th, 2010 to provide a 500 person/100 ton capacity waste water treatment plant system. The system was delivered and commissioned within 23 days and currently provides odorless and crystal clear irrigation water which is used on the tailored landscape and green areas of the property.

    GENC CONSTRUCTION INC. Miranda Inc, signed a contract with GENC CONSTRUCTION INC. on September 30th, 2010 to provide a 1,000 person system for the “ Mass Housing Authority “ to be installed for serving the Trabzon Akcaabat Goverment Hospital.

    Miranda Good Design Award - 2010 Miranda’s Miracell Wastewater Treatment Plant was awarded with Good Design Award in its category during the ceremony held on November 7 for Design Turkey 2010 Industrial Design Awards. This award was the first in our sector in Turkey. We were awarded after the careful review of an international jury following their evaluation of nearly 300 products submitted. The award for Miranda was received by Miranda’s CEO Bülent Hatay.

    GENÇ CONSTRUCTION GENÇ CONSTRUCTION signed a contract with Miranda for the wastewater treatment of T.O.K.I. TRABZON AKÇAABAT HOSPITAL (200 bed capacity). The modular 200 m3/day Miracell system was successfully installed and handed to the Hospital Administrators on 18/10/2011.

    BECHTEL CORPORATION BECHTEL CORPORATION which is one of the biggest construction company in the world choose Miranda products for the wastewater treatment projects in Australia. Within the context of the projects, 5 lamella clarifier tanks which are completely made of Glass Reinforced Polyester were delivered to the client successfully.

    ADORE ADORE which is the leading furniture manufacturer in Turkey signed a contract with Miranda for wastewater treatment of the factories. The high quality and 100 % hygienic effluent is used for irrigation.

    Miranda Aldoualieh University, Syria Miranda successfully completed the installation of two Miracell modular wastewater treatment systems which have 100 m3/day and 450 m3/day capacities, in Syria. The effluents of the treated wastewater in two projects were used for irrigation while providing the owner great savings.

    PARBÜK TOURISM DEVELOPMENT COOPERATIVE PROJECT PARBÜK TOURISM DEVELOPMENT COOPERATIVE PROJECT signed a contract with Miranda on 13.06.2011. The 150 m3/day Miracell system was installed and became operational in less than 20 days.

    Kolat Residences The installation of Miracell 50m3/day system in KOLAT RESIDENCES that were built by KOLAT CONSTRUCTION in Bodrum/Gündoğan was completed. Miracell system has been active since summer of 2012.

    TREYSAN CO TREYSAN CO. signed a contract with Miranda for brackish water purification in the construction area of the biggest natural gas project “SOUTHERN YOLOTEN AREA GAS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT”. The R/OCell reverse osmosis system that daily purifies 1.000 m3 brackish water was installed and has been operational since 15/11/2011.

    ECZACIBAŞI HOLDİNG ECZACIBAŞI HOLDING choose Miracell for the prestigious ORMANADA Project, located in Zekeriyaköy/Istanbul. Due to the signed protocol, Miranda installed a Miracell System which will treat 350 m3 of wastewater daily and the 100 % hygienic effluent is used for irrigation.

    MIRANDA PARTNERS WITH GERMAN ENTREPRENEUR SUSANNE KLATTEN (BMW, ALTANA, SGL CARBON, PAQUES) Ankara, May 3rd, 2012 – SKion GmbH, the investment company of German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten, became shareholder of the Ankara-based water technology company Miranda. SKion provided growth capital to Miranda via a share capital increase and initially held 22% of the shares of the company with an option to increase its participation to 33%. In the Board of Directors of Miranda, SKion is represented by Dr. Reinhard Hübner. Bülent Hatay, CEO and founder of Miranda: ”We are very excited about the partnership with SKion. The partnership will allow us to accelerate the growth of Miranda, expand into international markets and further develop our product portfolio. SKion does not only provide growth capital but also a valuable international network that Miranda can leverage. Its long-term strategy fits ideally with our vision to become a leading international player in the decentralized water and waste water treatment space.” Dr. Reinhard Hübner, investment manager SKion GmbH:”Miranda has developed a strong product portfolio for decentralized treatment solutions that have been proven in many customer installations for many years. Customers that use Miranda’s treatment solutions realize significant financial savings while at the same time saving water and protecting the environment. Such economic solutions to protect scarce water resources are the paradigm shift in water management that is needed to prepare for the challenges the water sector faces. The investment in Miranda underlines our aim: SKion invests in cutting-edge technologies dedicated to the challenges of tomorrow. Water technology is one of the business areas that meet our criteria.”