The Miracell® wastewater treatment system by Miranda has a modular design, with units that can be configured to service small to mid-sized communities between 250 and 20,000 people or businesses with water treatment needs of 50 – 4,000 m3 / day. It is the most flexible and expandable system on the market today, where units can be easily added or moved to accommodate changes in demand. The system uses Rotating Biological Contactor technology and is certified to meet or exceed strict EU environmental discharge standards. Following are key benefits of the Miracell® system:

  • Miranda gives a 99,7% hygiene guarantee for the supply of odorless, crystal-clear irrigation water which exceeds strict EU discharge standards. Our redundant treatment process includes two separate disinfection points in the process cycle, plus additional chlorination in the holding tank.
  • Miranda offers a 5-year limited warranty on Miracell®, far exceeding the industry standard of 1 and 2 year warranties.
  • High efficiency: Miracell® operates on 1/5 of the electric power required by conventional aerated activated sludge systems.
  • Compact design: the Miracell® footprint is 1/3 of the space required by competitive water treatment systems.
  • Quiet and virtually odorless operation. Noise output is less than 65-70 dBA and Miracell®’s patented sealed treatment tank design assures a near odor-free operation.
  • Miracell®’s unique modular design offers flexibility in adjusting to many capacity scenarios: from small compounds of 50 people (50 m3 / day) up to large communities of 30,000 population (4,000 m3 / day).
  • Extremely durable design that is virtually corrosion-free: Miracell® is built from strengthened composite materials within ISO 9001 manufacturing standards,
  • Miracell® is the only wastewater treatment system that is specifically designed with an aesthetically pleasing appearance as much as functionality,
  • Miracell® offers the quickest return on investment in the industry by combining quick delivery, rapid deployment and a very short amortization of the investment cost.