Rough Screen

Rough Screen is used for clearing of wastewater from coarse materials. Wastewater entering the treatment plant includes items like wood, rocks, and even dead animals. Unless they are removed, they could cause problems later in the treatment process. The trash coming with wastewater is collected in a bucket and then properly disposed. Rough screen can be chosen as automatic or manual according to system requirements.

Sewage Pumps

Wastewater Transfer pump is located in the equalization tank. There are two pumps for each Biocell Unit, one main and one stand-by, to lift the treated water.
Pumps in equalization tank have 2 floats, 1 low level and 1 high level. When the level of the water in the equalization tank goes below the critical point, low level float stops the pump. When water level goes up float automatically turns the pumps on. At the same time, stand-by pump can be started up manually when main one has trouble pumping.

MIRACELL® wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater treatment occurs in these modules. The operating principle of the MIRACELLl® wastewater treatment system is based on the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology in which disks connected to a shaft are rotated at a very low speed by means of a motor which is equipped with a reduction gear. The system is designed such that 40 % of the disks remain in the wastewater. Each module especially designed for domestic wastewater treatment applications in capacity for 250 people, capacity can be increased by adding new modules.

Chlorination unit

After biological treatment, chlorination dosing plays a key role in the wastewater treatment process by removing pathogens and ending the biological activities. Chlorine is dosed to system continuously.

Filtration Feeding and Backwashing Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are used for transferring the treated water from treated water tank to filtration unit. If sand filter and/or activated carbon filter is used in system, these centrifugal pumps will be used as backwashing pumps.

Sedimentation Tank

Biologically treated water passes through sedimentation tank to sediment the fine suspended solids. Lamella separators are placed inside the MIRACELL® Sedimentation Unit to increase the efficiency of sedimentation.

Automatic Sludge Disposal Vane

Suspended solids in wastewater are removed in biological treatment modules and sludge collected at the bottom of the modules should be removed periodically. Sludge disposal vane serves to remove this sludge to prevent the odor production and accumulation of the sludge. Only one vane is used for each sludge line. Usually, the sludge removal period is performed once a week. Sludge removed from modules is collected in reinforced concrete sludge tank.

Sand and Activated Carbon Filter

Sand filter physically remove suspended solids, particles, macro-organisms and other solid state contaminants effectively in order to decrease suspended solid concentration to the desired level. Activated carbon is used to remove chlorine and organic contamination from water. Filtrated water which passed through the Sand or/and Activated carbon can be used as irrigation water.

Polyelectrolyte Dosage Unit

Polyelectrolyte coagulants are used for solids separation in treating wastewater. Any one or a combination of cationic, non-ionic and anionic coagulants can be selected depending upon the nature of the wastewater. Coagulants exhibit superb performance in forming rigid flocks so they effectively reduce the suspended solid concentration in treated water. Polyelectrolyte is being dosed in the system as periodically and in determined ratio.

Flow meter

Flow meters are used for determination of flow which passes through unit area. Types of flow meter are decided based on the system requirements and design.

Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Ultraviolet (UV) sanitizing units are used in many water purification systems to control bacteria in the water. UV Unit can best be described as invisible radiation unit. In order to kill micro-organisms, the UV rays must actually strike the cell. UV energy penetrates the outer cell membrane, passes through chemically; nothing is being added except energy.

Aboveground Bolted Tank

MIRACELL® units usually placed on underground reinforced concrete tanks. If ground is not suitable for excavation, aboveground bolted tanks can be used.

Filter Press

Utilized for dewatering sludge