Minimum Electricity Consumption,

Developed through Miranda's own R&D efforts, Dropbox® is a fully automatic wastewater treatment system especially designed for domestic wastewater treatment applications in capacities ranging from 50 people to 30.000 people. Representing the ultimate in wastewater treatment systems, Miranda consumes as little as one fifth of the electricity and requires as little as one third of the space of its competitors based on the activated sludge technology.

Biodisc Technology

The operating principle of the Dropbox® wastewater treatment system is based on the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology in which disks connected to a shaft are rotated at a very low speed by means of a motor which is equipped with a reduction gear. The system is designed such that 40 % of the disks remain in the wastewater. Disks which first submerge in the wastewater are then contacted with air. As a result of this repetitive process, organisms accumulate on the disks in the course of time. These organisms receive necessary oxygen from the air during rotation of the disks, consume the pollutants existing in the wastewater, and convert them into carbon dioxide and water in a totally natural way.

Dropbox® which operates on the RBC principle has many advantages to other package wastewater systems based on the activated sludge principle. In package wastewater systems which are based on the conventional activated sludge principle, a constant flow of air needs to be a pumped through aerators by blowers in order to stimulate bacterial growth whereas in the Dropbox® System, the bacteria are able to receive the necessary air naturally through the atmosphere. Thanks to this basic difference in the operating principle and due to the fact that the system only requires a small motor to drive it, Dropbox® operates silently while consuming much less energy than its competitors.

50-30.000 person service capacity

Dropbox® units are fabricated from sheet steel with special epoxy coatings inside and out which eliminates deterioration from corrosive effects of the wastewater which is alkali within the system and the wear-down effects of harsh environmental Conditions. An important advantage of Miranda’s Dropbox® is its ability to be installed and buried in the ground or above ground. Ease of installation by literally location in place and hooking up the pipe and power connections is another significant benefit for the user.

Discs in the system are made of corrosion-proof polyethylene.

Water Treatment with Many Advantages

Dropbox® eliminates the problem of foam formation arising from high turbulence and/or bubbling due to the aeration process, which is especially encountered in wastewater that contain dissolving substances. Dropbox® system is also much more resistant to unexpected circumstances such as short or long-term power interruptions, shock organic loading and sudden increases or decreases in the incoming water flow-rate.